How many ECU I need for 15000 users?

I have done a test performance for server(1 ECU), but server only arrived 1000 users in testing, how many ECU I need for 15000 users?



  • The ECU (Elastic Compute Unit) was a unit of measure designed to provide a relative measure of performance between Amazon EC2 instance types. For example, an m1.small instance had 1 ECU, an m1.large had 2 ECUs, etc.

    However, it is no longer possible to summarize the power of an instance in a single number. Some instances have more RAM, some have more CPUs or more powerful CPUs, GPUs, enhanced networking and even burst capabilities.

    Therefore, the ECU has slowly disappeared from AWS services and documentation. It can still be viewed as an optional column in the Amazon EC2 Launch Instance console.

    The ECU is definitely not a good measure of "the number of users" that a system can support. The number of users that a system can support are totally dependent upon the application architecture and its system requirements. When testing the number of users a system can support, closely monitor all system components (eg CPU load, RAM utilization, disk queues) to identify the bottleneck. You can then try to modify the application or improve the bottleneck to provide better application performance.

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