Writing a Mathematical function for a vector of numbers

I am writing a function that should calculate the following of a vector of numbers (1 - x)^2. However, my function returns zeros and I don't know why:
ban <- function(x){ res <- vector(mode = "numeric", length(x)) for(i in x) { res[i] <- (1 - res[i])^2} return(res) }
input: ban(c(0.5, 0.6)) gives output: [1] 0 0. Why is the output zeros?



  • Your res-vector is initialized with zeros.

    You can see that with:
    vector(mode = "numeric", length = length(c(0.5, 0.6)))

    Further in your for-loop you loop over x and use this to access the entries in res. But your x-vector contains non-integer values so the access does not work:
    res <- c(1, 2) res[0.5]
    In R you can do calculations on vectors like that
    x <- c(0.5, 0.6) (1-x)^2
    so you don't need a for-loop here.

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