Read two csv files in Talend OS

I am trying to read two csv files in Talend OS, i have inferred the metadata schema from the same CSV file, and set the first row appear as header, and comma (,) as delimiter in my code:
tMap will read the csv file, do a lookup on another csv file, and generate two output files passed and reject records.
But i am getting the error like this when i run the job:
Couldn't parse value for column 'Material_ID' in 'row1', value is '6459, Machine,6'. Details: java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "6459, Machine,6"

I think it is considering entire row as one string for "Product_ID" column. I have set the delimiter and row separator correctly then why it is happening.
No rows is going from the first tInputFileDelimited due to above error.
Any suggestion to solve this?

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