Processor gives error as soon as we start the flow

our flow s => generateFF->updateAttribute->getMongo
getting below exception

Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: The connection string is invalid. Connection strings must start with 'mongodb://' at com.mongodb.ConnectionString.<init>( at com.mongodb.MongoClientURI.<init>( at com.mongodb.MongoClientURI.<init>( at org.apache.nifi.processors.mongodb.AbstractMongoProcessor.createClient(

we set mongoURI in "updateAttribute" and we see it in ff attribute too. and in getMongo we are putting URI as => ${mongo_uri}

Issue is, processor gives error as soon as we start the flow, even before ff reached to processor. If processor allows expression language, shouldn't it wait for ff to reach it, so that we can use some type of expression?

are we missing something? or URI has to be hard coded?

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