UC Browser's cloud acceleration working Process

Is there any document that describes the UC Browser's cloud acceleration feature? Needed help on the following given topics.
Does UC Browser proxy HTTPS requests through the cloud servers? If yes, how does it tackel the caching in this situation?
How can proxy server identify itself to the origin server, and how can it forward user's IP address to the origin?
Is UC Browser's cloud server is caching static resources?
How does proxy servers work with Subresource Integrity?
Does proxy server support Brotli encoding both ways.
It will be great if anyone help us on this?
Thanks in advance.


  • Features like cloud acceleration and other data saving technologies won't touch https resources. Proxy servers often add an extra header 'X-FORWARDED-FOR' containing user IP. Probably UC optimizes the images and caches a smaller images by scaling down its dimensions. The subresource integrity is a client side check and browser can decide how to implement it and UC Browser doesn't support it yet

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