Cloud machines in different regions required for Performance Testing

We are in requirement of cloud linux machines in different regions to perform performance testing.
We want to simulate customer experience and may be our machines on AWS.
What is the best service excepting AWS , google compute and MS Azure by which
we can able to do proper performance testing which matches with actual customer experience.


  • If you mean you want to simulate users accessing your website/webservice from different regions and locations then there are several hosted services which will do this:
    or for mobile devices:
    Your concern about the test machines being from the same cloud provider and hence same network as the user is fair so you might want to check which ones use a different host.
    Having said that, even within a region you will have different speeds from different access networks, different access price plans etc so you need to be careful not to take the results as absolute.
    You also probably want to think about some sort of CDN technology if it is important for your site/service to have good responsiveness in different areas - essentially the CDN provider should take care of all those headaches for you.

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