jMeter distributed system testing over cloud without using Blazemeter

We are able to do the jMeter distributed system testing using the Blaze Meter.
Any other way to perform distribution testing without Blaze meter over cloud.
If there is any such kind of way, How to access the server?
If anyone suggest us that would be great help for us.
Thanks in advance.


  • Basically blaze meter is used for huge volume of load generation using cloud because such amount of load cannot be generated using single machine.
    If you don't want to use Blaze meter (paid) then you can try distributed load testing using JMeter. Refer this Distributed Load Testing JMeter
    General idea in distributed load testing is you can create a cluster of some machine with a server(1-N) monitoring on client machines(N). Clients will generate load on target server (which can be anywhere i.e. cloud or private hw). Each client will run JMeter instance i.e. one instance or many instances.
    Before you go for distributed Jmeter setup, find out how much load you want to hit on target server. If it is not too high then single machine with powerful hw can do the task for you.
    Before running JMeter follow below guideline to utilize maximum resources and generate max load on a single machine.
    1. Avoid Reporters - OOM issue
    2. Avoid Assertions
    3. Avoid Listeners - OOM issue
    4. Run in non-gui mode
    5. Avoid Graph results(redirect results to file and analyze later)
    6. Use latest version of JMeter

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