Tool that can be used to load test Website and Mobile Apps on Azure Cloud?

We have some problems about load testing for Mobile Apps hosting on Azure cloud.
Can load runner be used to run load & performance test using HP LoadRunner for the mobile app on azure cloud? Is there any license required?
Can load be gererated from physical machine or does it have cloud load generator?
How to simulate different network condition such as slow 3G, fast 3G and 4G etc.?
Suppose If HP LoadRunner is not suitable, what tool will be used to load test Websites and Mobile Apps on cloud?
Please explain about our problems.
Thanks in advance.


    1. You can, current price would be $0.15 per virtual user per hour
    2. "Cloud" is nothing more than virtual machines which in their turn run on physical machines. Personally I prefer having physical where possible at this way you have confidence regarding hardware resources availability
    3. It is built into LoadRunner, see Speed Simulation for Mobile Vuser Scripts for details.
    4. HP LoadRunner seems suitable if you already have a license or budget. As an alternative you can consider Apache JMeter as it is:
      . Free and open source
      . Can be used on premise, in the cloud and any combination of load generator nodes
      . When it comes to websites testing JMeter can do whatever LoadRunner can do (if not more) including different network speeds simulation
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