Record load test of desktop app with load runner running on cloud

On AWS cloud we have created a windows app and we are accessing that app via remote desktop connection.
The app can serve 40 concurrent users. We are going to do loadtest to verify is it able to serve 40 concurrent user or not.
How to record load test with loadrunner for that app running on cloud?
Please suggest.
Thanks in advance.


  • Are you trying to test the app infrastructure or the remote desktop infrastructure of AWS? These are two different questions.
    What do you know about the architecture of this application, the next upstream architectural component that it communicates with, the communication method, etc...? You will need to understand this if you want to scrape away the interface and test at the application layer protocol or developer API layer. Barring this you either go to the source and use Visual Studio or go up a tier to use Remote Desktop, a protocol supported by LoadRunner

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