Web Performance Test in Cloud Load Test sends cookie on some tests

We have created a web performance test which start with a webforms login, executes few steps and then completes.
Almost all the time this test runs well but when we extending the load test run beyond 25 minutes we get load test failures because some tests send a Session and Auth cookie on the initial Get to the root url.
Test recording does not have cookies on the initial request. We have set the "Percentage of New Users" on the scenarios to 100% to ensure that all tests are running as a new user.
This test is databound to a list of 500 users.
We are not able to understand why after a period of time (12 minutes) some of the tests begin to send the cookies on the initial request!
Can anyone explain?
Thanks in advance.


  • This is an old question and on re-reading it not very clear.
    The scenario reflects more my lack of knowledge of the web testing features I was using.
    I am fairly certain it was caused by a missing "log out" test step combined with the configuration of the load test probably re-using connections.
    After much prodding around I achieved some clean runs

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