Visual Studio Load Test in TFS 2015 locally

We have create a load test using VS 2013 to performance test on a REST Api.
We are using TFS 2015 for source control and CI. Tests are pointing to a local REST service endpoint.
We want to run these test against every build and configured a build definition in TFS.
TFS provides "Cloud-based Load Test" and thats will not help us because we are not going to run tests on the cloud.
What is the best approach to run *.loadtest files? Is there command line option only?
Please suggest.
Thanks in advance.


  • Command line is the only option. You need to install VS/mstest on your build agent machine, then add a Command Line task in your build definition. In this task, specify the mstest tool path and add agrument /TestContainer:LoadTest1.loadtest to run the loadtest

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