IIS holding up requests in queue instead of processing those.

We are performing a load test against an application on Azure. It is a cloud service having 3 instances behind an internal load balancer in hash based load balancing mode.
When we run the load test, What happens it queues the request even though the req/sec the total current request to IIS is quite low.
We are not able to identify the reason for the problem.
Neede Help.


  • Based on your explanation, there seems to be a bottleneck within the application which is causing the requests to queue-up.
    In order to investigate this, collect a memory dump when you see the requests queuing up and then use DebugDiag to run a hang analysis on it.
    There are several ways to gather the memory dump.
    Task Manager
    Debug Diagnostics
    Process Explorer
    Once you have the memory dump you can install debug diag and then run analysis on it. It will generate a report which can help you get started.

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