JMeter throughput

We have a website hosted on cloud. Our JMeter is running from office.
We wanted to know if the throughput which we get in Summary Report contain network latency also. How to exclude it?
Please suggest.
Thanks in advance.


  • Response time includes network latency. It measures the time the request was made to the time the response was received.
    How can jmeter know how long the request spent in transit, unless the server can respond with a time the request was received?
    The only way to exclude network latency from jmeter results is to measure it at the server and send back the information in the response (or by some other method).
    Most servers should have monitoring software running anyway, like carbon/graphite. You can use that to measure the true server response times, and show network latency.
    As I am most testing Java stacks, I use jconsole as well on the same machine as jmeter for side by side comparison of graphs to determine real server capability.

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