Performance test an Azure application relying on Oauth2 authentication flow

We have an web application on Azure cloud with Azure AD Oauth2 authentication flow.
Oauth2 flow exists as a manual implementation but it will soon rely on Passport Azure AD.
We are not able to quickly use Azure's built-in performance testing capabilities and set up ping tests because of the authentication process.
What Should we do for cloud-based performance and availability testing for such an application?
Please help.
Thanks in advance.


  • If your tokens live long enough (as per Configurable Token Lifetimes in Azure Active Directory)) it can be 1 day, you can just generate as many tokens as you require and add the relevant Authorization headers for each virtual user.
    Alternatively I would recommend checking out How to Run Performance Tests on OAuth Secured Apps with JMeter article which highlights several approaches of bypassing OAuth challenges during performance testing

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