Demandware site testing

Using Demandware for eCommerce site so that we are getting sandboxes for development and testing.
For regression testing we are automating the site. If we run automation scripts on Testing sandbox, it will take longer time sometimes to load the page as a result test fails.
We want to know the best way to do automation testing on Demandware related websites?
Can we deploy the site to Cloud ?
Can we increase the performance of testing related sandbox? So tests will not fail?
Please let us know the proper explanation.
Thanks in advance.


  • Use development instance for these tests, as it is close to production in terms that it uses Akamai CDN, so the loading of pages will be relatively faster. If sandboxes/development instances are performing slow, it may be good idea to look in Pipeline profiler in Demandware Business Manager to get insight as to where the performance bottleneck is lying.

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