Load testing on asp.net mvc 4 application

We are performing a load testing against asp.net mvc 4 application running on .Net Framework 4.5.
We are using webperformance load tester 5.3. for Load testing
We are facing a problem the application hangs after 100 users, Means while the load test is running and try to load the web it takes long time in minutes.
Load test run is basic recorded as login in the application and on the dashboard link on few link that loads content - grid data with ajax.
Application is hosted on windows azure cloud service with 1 medium instance (2 core and 4GB Ram).
Please suggest.
Thanks in advance.


  • You can testing the application using Visual Studio Using Visual Studio 2013, you can create, manage, and run web performance tests and load tests. To load test your app with on-premises resources or using cloud-based load testing, you first create web performance tests. These tests are used in your load tests to simulate multiple users performing actions in your app at the same time.
    You can use cloud-based load testing service which allows you to run your tests across multiple virtual machines in the cloud. You can also use an on-premises test controllers and test agents. In the full version of Visual Studio Ultimate, the number of virtual users is unlimited. However, if you need to emulate thousands of users, use test controller and test agent machines. In Visual Studio Ultimate Trial version, the virtual user count is limited to 250.

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