How to open firewall to only Load Impact traffic to perform a load test?

We have a site which is not accessible from Internet but which is behind a firewall. we are going to run a Load Impact load test on it,
generating traffic from the cloud, but we want to make sure noone else can access the site while the load test is running.
How to configure the firewall so that it can only forwards Load Impact traffic to our site?


  • Add your firewall rules immediately after starting the test, when you know what IP addresses the test is using.
    Below are more detailed descriptions on how to perform each of the different alternatives
    1. Opening up your firewall to all IPs potentially used in the test
    Here, you need to look at what AWS load zones you are using, and then find what IP address ranges these AWS data centers host. See for more information about IP ranges used by AWS.
    2. Using HTTP headers, URL query parameters to send an identifying token
    You can add custom HTTP headers to any request in your user scenario code like this:
    {"GET", "", headers={ ["X-Myheader"]="TOKEN_STRING"} }
    You'll need to add the "headers=" parameter to every single request though.

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