Jmeter Mobile Native App Testing

There is some problems related to Native App Performance Testing?
Have a Payment App, and App is coming up with bank security which is installed at the time of app installation.
It sends an token number and rest of the data are in encrypted format.
Can we handle such kind of request using Jmeter or any other performance testing tool, do we need to change some setting in app server or jmeter to get this done ?

Mobile App is usig Device ID, so if i simulate load on cloud server it will use same Device ID which i used while creating script?
Can we simulate different mobile ID to make it real-time?
Need Help.
Thanks in advance.


  • (1) Yes. This is why performance testing tools are built around general purpose programming languages, to allow you (as the tester) to leverage your foundation skills in programming to leverage the appropriate algorithms and libraries to represent the same behavior as the client
    (2) This is why performance testing tools allow for parameterization of the sending datastream to the server/application under test.

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