Azure Long Response Time bottleneck?

How does one diagnose performance (response time) bottlenecks in Azure?
I've got a .NET Core website on Azure that consists of a web app service and one SQL database.
I've set up load test and deployed it via the cloud to hit the website. Configuration properties for the load test agents are
. 4 cores
. start at 10 simultaneous users, + 10 every 20 seconds, up to 150 users
. 5 second think time between requests
Web app resource allocation is as follows
. 2 instances of
. 4 Core, 7GB RAM (S3 Standard)
What else can I do to diagnose slow response times? If the web server hardware isn't pegged, and the database isn't even sneezing, what other knobs can I turn on Azure?


  • Enable diagnostics logging for your web app.
    WebApp provides diagnostic functionality for logging information from both the web server and the web application. We can enable Detailed Error Logging, Failed Request Tracing, Web Server Logging for web server diagnostic
    Use Kudu Debug console (https://. Kudu provides environment settings for your application, log stream, diagnostic dump
    We also can use Azure Application Insights to monitor the usage and performance of our app, then we can get more detail info about request, more detail exception info, response time and so on. If we get more detail info about application exception, request failed, server logs and application log, it will be more helpful for us to diagnose.

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