HP Perf Center Start new iteration every n seconds

We all are new to Perf Center, loadRunner. What i understand in perf center if we check, in Pacing configuration, "Start new iteration at Fixed interval, every 10 seconds"
new iteration will be start in every 10 seconds but looks like it will wait the for the completion of previous iteration.
Any configuration or resolution to start the next iteration even if the current iteration is not finish?
Please help.
Thanks in advance.


  • Covered in Training. If the iteration pacing interval is less than the time to complete the iteration, then the new iteration will start immediately upon completion of the previous iteration.
    My guess is that you are not including think time and attempting to reproduce the load of a larger number of users with a smaller license. This path is doomed to failure for many reasons.
    Turn on think time. Pace appropriately. Include a larger number of users.

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