To get the result csv file in between the test run during performance testing using Jmeter?

We are using Jmeter Version 4. and running test for some hours between the test run, we want the resultant file for the test ran from 2nd to 3rd hour.
Can we get the result file like that? we want the result file from 2nd to 3rd hour.
Please help us to do that.
Thanks in advance.


  • Filter Results Tool which has --start-offset and --end-offset parameters specifying how to "cut" the original .jtl file (in seconds) so you could do something like:
    FilterResults --output-file from2ndto3rd_hour.jtl --input-file /path/to/large/result.jtl --start-offset 7200 --end-offset 10800
    Filter Results Tool can be installed using JMeter Plugins Manager:

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