JMeter: Network Latency, CPU Usage and Memory

How can i setup PerfMon Metrics Collector properly as i am new to this and have no knowledge about this, I have installed JMeter Plugins and added PerfMon on my TestPlan.
Please explain how to do that.
Thanks in advance.


    1. Network Latency is something JMeter measures itself, you don't need to additionally collect it
      Latency. JMeter measures the latency from just before sending the request to just after the first response has been received. Thus the time includes all the processing needed to assemble the request as well as assembling the first part of the response, which in general will be longer than one byte. Protocol analysers (such as Wireshark) measure the time when bytes are actually sent/received over the interface. The JMeter time should be closer to that which is experienced by a browser or other application client.
    2. In order to measure CPU and RAM usage
      . Download PerfMon Server Agent and install it on the server which you would like to monitor
      . Launch ServerAgent (make sure that TCP and UDP inbound/outbound traffic is allowed on port 4444 in the firewall)
      . Add PerfMon Metrics Collector listener to your Test Plan
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