How to read runsettings dynamically of currently running load test file

We are running a load test from some file and want to read the active run settings section of that load test file dynamically for various properties such as Description, Test Iterations, Run Duration etc.
Load test file name keep on changing when we run different set of load tests. So we can not hardcode that in our code.
How can we get the full file path of that load test file without having hardcode the file name?
Please help.
Thanks in advance.


  • public class LoadTestPluginExample : ILoadTestPlugin
    private LoadTest m_loadTest;

    private int warmUpPlusRunDuration;
    public void Initialize(LoadTest loadTest)
        m_loadTest = loadTest;
        warmUpPlusRunDuration = m_loadTest.RunSettings.WarmupTime + m_loadTest.RunSettings.RunDuration;
    ... other plugin methods that use warmUpPlusRunDuration

    I regularly use the intelisense of Visual Studio to explore the values etc that are available in web tests and in load tests.

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