What is the difference between ctrx_set_window_ex and ctrx_sync_on_window in Loadrunner.

We are Performing a performance test of Citrix application using Load Runner and Citrix Protocol.
We have to wait for a window to appear, and reading the documentation. we can use one of those.
ctrx_sync_on_window : To wait till a window is created or becomes active.
ctrx_set_window_ex : To wait for a specified time for a window to appear in the Citrix client
We are not able to understand the difference except for the time factor and which one we can use.
Both are working for us,but wanted to know which one is the best.
Thanks in advance.


  • ctrx_win_exist is mostly used, when there is a time frame needed until a windows appears/becomes active; ctrx_sync_on_window is part of the synchronization options, such as bitmap sync. It will make sure the windows is located on a specified position.
    Usually it depends on the script which one is better to be used

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